portale viaggi in piemonte


  • Town: Bubbio

  • Location: hills of the Langa Astigiana

  • Size: family-run farm

  • Languages: Italian - French


Torelli - organic wines

The Torelli Family has been producing wines for 4 generations and, since 1987, it has been producing organic grapes with totally natural methods.
Both the vines and the farm are located on the hills of the Langa Astigiana, in the small village of Bubbio, near the town of Acqui Terme.
The father, Mario Torelli and his son, Gianfranco, produce about 60.000 bottles yearly of different wines, all with extra value.
The tasting of these specialties takes place in the cellars and, upon request, someone in the family will accompany you for a short visit to the vineyards, explaining the methodology they follow from grape to bottle, starting with the special care of every grapevine and continuing with the diverse phases of production.

The most popular wines definitely are Barbera and Dolcetto, produced in many versions. The nouveau dolcetto, ready to savour, ideal for the whole meal and with every dish. You will find excellent quality in the barrique dolcetto, aging for a year or longer in wooden casks. They can be appreciated after quite some time, because they keep their integrity, in a bottle,  for up to 20 years.
They are the perfect match for second dishes of red meat and aged cheeses.


Dolcetto d´Asti ´Cappelletta di Sant´Evasio´
Dolcetto d´Asti ´Bricco Rocchetto´
Dolcetto d’Asti DOC Superiore “Vendemmia nelle Nebbie”
Barbera d’Asti DOC “Bricco dei Mandorli”
Barbera d’Asti DOC Superiore “Bricco Vecchio”

Pinot Nero – Merlot
They will continue their aging for a good two years in french barriques: this allows for the maximum expression of this variety of vine, adapting so well  to the climate of the high hills  south of Asti.

Novo Rubens Monferrato DOC Rosso from Merlot grapes
Magno Rubens Monferrato DOC Rosso from Pinot Noir grapes.

In the town of Moscato we can’t be without what has been defined “the nectar of the gods”, the renowned sweet Moscato d’Asti. For the last few years it stands besides the Moscato d’Asti Passito DOC, it is named after the old name of Bubbio, Bubeum.
These two precious pearls have been joyned by a grappa of moscato and a moscato brandy, packaged in tall, thin and elegant bottles.
This list is completed by a dry and fruity brut, perfect as aperitif.

Piemonte Brut di Paola
Moscato d’Asti San Gròd
Piemonte DOC Moscato Passito “Bubeum”
Grappa di Moscato
Brandy di Moscato

Since 2005 this entity is in the Consorzio Export, a consortium of 12 organic producers of Piedmont and Tuscany; it represents one of the main reference points of the italian organic production.
You pay a fair price for the excellent quality, keeping in mind the whole organic process, requiring more man hours and the latest technology.

That is why every bottle becomes a real treasure of quality and refinement.
In addition, if it interests you, you will receive detailed facts regarding the techniques and peculiar aspects of the organic processes.
Tasting these delicious wines you will be surprised by how the love and respect for nature will lead step by step to high quality, excellent taste and, last but not least, the price of a product.
Mario and Gianfranco Torelli have perceived the essence of these hills and that is why they decided to travel the more difficult path of producing healthy and genuine wines, while keeping their originality.
Besides good quality, the way a product is presented matters a lot, its value must be known. This establishment has been able to do it with good taste and intelligently, letting everyone know the advantages of organic farming, sometimes in local festivities or meetings.

Az Agricola Mario Torelli
reg. San Grato 142
14051 Bubbio (AT)
tel 0144 83380
fax 0144 83380